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Meet Cyprus!

GSP Rescue male adopt dogCyprus is a 4 yr old male German Shorthaired Pointer that was recently surrendered to California GSP Rescue when his owner could no longer give him the care and attention he required.

While he is at the perfect age for most GSPs and doesn’t require hours of exercise each day, he still needs to get out long enough to stretch his legs and take the edge off. He has done well when left inside the house, rides well in a car, and gets along well with most other dogs. He does get excited when meeting new people and dogs and sometimes jumps with excitement – something that he can be trained not to do. Cyprus loves fetching his squeaky ball; going for long hikes where he can run and play in a lake or stream; and getting belly rubs.  When his squeaky ball is misplaced, a tennis ball will do but he likes that squeaky ball.

While he enjoys hikes and occasionally playing in a stream or lake, he isn’t much for the ocean. More of a mountain man, er, mountain dog rather than a surf dog. You’ll find him to be a great hiking partner although he needs some work on his recall. You won’t (and shouldn’t) let him off leash since he sometimes finds it hard to check in. Of course, there are so many scents and sounds to explore in the woods. It can be hard staying on the trail.

Cyprus is going to make a great companion for an adopter. He’s going to need some training and, of course, someone that can give him the exercise he needs, and also provide him a secure yard. However, this will be such a small investment for such an amazing GSP. If you are interested, please, submit an application. We don’t think Cyprus will be with us for long!

If you feel that Cyprus would be a good fit for you, please apply here.

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