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Meet Daisy!

Daisy is a 3 year old beautiful female tan and white pointer mix with spotted ears that are just as cute as can be! A great fun loving dog doesn’t just come in liver and white; some are only part GSP, but all wonderful!

Daisy loves affection and attention from her humans, and also loves to play with most other dogs. She walks nicely on a leash, likes to play a little fetch, loves the water, and listens well. Daisy is house-broken and crate-trained, and actually prefers to sleep in her crate. She is eager to learn commands and already knows “sit”, “down”, “leave it”, “by me”, and “touch”! 

Daisy is currently in a foster home with a female GSP and they get along wonderfully. Foster mom was careful at first and made a few corrections to their interactions, and now they are best buddies. Daisy also played with the neighboring dogs in her adoptive home (who unfortunately had to give her up for a situation beyond their control).  She needs moderate exercise, and it just a fun dog!

Dogs like Daisy are the reason we take GSP mixes at the California GSP Rescue. They take on many of the wonderful qualities that attract people to the GSP breed; qualities like affection, energy, loyalty and intelligence  But often the mixes lack some of the more challenging aspects of a GSP, like out of control energy and stubbornness! This girl is smart, affectionate and, while she still has plenty of energy, she is a bit more mellow than a GSP at her age.

The perfect home for Daisy would be in an active home where she will get plenty of attention, exercise and training from her people.

If you feel you would be a good fit for Daisy, please apply here.

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