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Meet Dexter!

Dexter is an 8 year old black and white ticked German Shorthaired Pointer Mix. Before coming to us, he was picked up as a stray, and taken to a shelter where he waited for his owners to come and claim him, but nobody came. Being an 8 year old dog in a shelter, the likelihood of being adopted is pretty slim, however when we were notified about Dexter, we monitored him closely, and when he was made available and no one showed interest in adopting him, we sent one of our volunteers to pick him up and get him to safety.

Dexter is very sweet, and likes being around people. He enjoys affection, and it won’t take long for you to win over his heart with plenty of kindness and love he deserves.  We recently had this handsome gentleman out at the Pints For Pointers event in Redlands, and he dazzled everyone he met!

Dexter enjoys playing in the field, and playing with the ball. He loves to go for walks, and walks at an easy pace, and doesn’t pull. He loves to sniff and explore his surroundings.  

He has done well with most of the dogs he has been in the field with, and will sometimes engage and play. However, dogs too young might overwhelm him, and may not be suitable. 

Older dogs like Dexter are often overlooked because of their age. However, a dog at of this age come seasoned with the wisdom, gentle demeanor and appreciation of a lifelong companion and a comfy bed to call his own. 

If you have room in your home and your heart for Dexter, please apply here

Please consider supporting our efforts to continue to rescue dogs like Dexter by making a one time Donation, or becoming a Rescue Hero with a recurring monthly donation to help support the dogs in our care all year long. 


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