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Meet Dotty!

Dotty is a super-shy and timid pointer mix. We estimate she is approximately three years old. With patience and understanding, we believe Dotty can mostly overcome her shyness and enjoy her family. With our volunteers, she does warm-up and trust with a little time, and we believe a family willing to work with her will be rewarded! She is a sweet, wiggly-butt kind of girl with those she knows and trusts. 
When we think we can help, CA GSP Rescue does take pointer mixes from shelters. Poor Miss Dotty was so fearful in the shelter, we just knew she wouldn’t be adopted from there – despite how young and adorable she is. For Dotty, it was clear we were her best hope. We will continue to work with her until her adopter is found.
So far, we’ve discovered that this cute little mix is great on a leash! She does get a little worried as people approach, but with a little work, and as she learns people can be her friends, this can change. We have also seen that Dotty isn’t quite sure about other dogs. We will continue to work with her and find out if she wants to be an “only dog”, or if another dog can be her friend. For a family that only wants one dog, she will be easy! (we will keep you updated if we find out she’s okay with other dogs as she warms up to them.)  
As with any young Dog, Dotty will need plenty of exercise and plenty of attention. Training will be a must, but she seems like a smart girl! With a little time, patience, and training, we believe Dotty will make a wonderful family member. It seems she likely wasn’t treated as good as she deserved in the past, but we are hoping she has a bright future with the right family!
If you feel you are a good fit for Dotty, please apply here
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