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Meet Duke!

Duke L DSC_0713w8x6Duke is an 12 1/2 year young purebred German Shorthaired Pointer. Sweet, well-behaved, and a little shy, this boy has an unfortunate story. He was adopted from the California GSP Rescue as a young, happy, bouncy young dog. His dad was a devoted and loving owner, and hoped his wife would also learn to love this beautiful GSP. Unfortunately, she was not a “dog person” and never fully accepted poor Duke. Not wanting him to be banished to the outside, and not wanting to give up his best friend, Duke’s dad made sure he had a comfy place in his home office. Duke had a cut-out in the door to see the rest of the house and visitors, and would bark at anyone he didn’t know, protecting his whole family even though he wasn’t allowed to be out with them very often.

He also loved his yard and patrolled it, keeping his family safe from critters, as any good GSP would! He was lucky enough to go with his Dad to work on occasion, but if Dad had to be gone long, he would board him at the same kennel GSP Rescue uses. This is how we got to know Duke well. At the kennel, we knew him as a sweet boy who was well-behaved for all of the volunteers He enjoyed his time in the field with them, and really loved the pets and attention. The kennel managers thought of Duke as their family, too, because they saw him often.

When Duke’s dad finally made the agonizing decision to release him back to the Rescue, we weren’t quite as sad as we normally would be. We see this as an opportunity to finally give him the family he was meant to have, a whole family that will pet him, a whole family that will play with him, a whole family that will pay attention to him, and a whole family to show him the love he has always deserved.

If you have room in your home and your heart for Duke, please apply here.


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