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Meet Duke!

Duke is a very handsome 9 year old white and liver male German Shorthaired Pointer who is hunting for his forever home.

Duke came to us as an owner surrender when his owner became ill and was no longer able to give Duke the exercise he needed. They hired a dog walker for the time being, but felt that we could help find Duke a home with a family that will love him and provide him the exercise he needs to live a happy life. They also wanted someone that will continue to train him to live inside the home, as all of his life he has been an outside dog. 

Duke is very loving and friendly towards people. He is good with other dogs, but is not a candidate for a cat home. He lived with young children and was very mellow and friendly towards them. He pulls a bit on a leash, but a Gentle Leader or a Halti has helped with that. He loves to play fetch and balls are his favorite toy. He was hunt trained with a whistle by his owner when he was younger. Like most dogs, he does not like fireworks. He is crate trained, and loves his crate. His foster leaves the door open and he enjoys hanging out in there with his toys and a peanut butter Kong.

Duke is an opportunist, and loves to explore, so he will need a secure yard. Duke is fine when left in the yard, but sometimes when he is left out for longer than he wants to be, he will whine for a couple minutes. A quick hush settles him down though. Duke is almost 100 percent housetrained, and has been working hard at it in his foster home. He will need a little help making the transition into his new home until he gets used to his surroundings, but has been responsive to training and enjoys it. He responds really well to positive training, and is food motivated, making it easier, but he needs consistency. He has made much improvement, and will bark a little and paw at the door to let you know when he wants to go outside and do his business.

Of course, a good daily walk or two gives him the mental and physical stimulation he needs. His house manners improve greatly when he gets exercise.

All in all, Duke is a pretty easy going sweet guy who like all dogs, needs love, exercise, stimulation and continued training. If you feel you would be a good fit for Duke, please apply here.

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