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Meet Errol!

Errol is a 3 year old very handsome German Shorthaired Pointer. He was picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter. We don’t know why he found himself at a shelter, but he was untrained, un-neutered, shy, and very thin.

When Errol first came in he was very shy and timid, but the next day, and each day after, we saw improvement, and the volunteers who spent time with him noticed he seemed more at ease.

Errol was adopted shortly after coming to us, but unfortunately, later returned due to he and their little dog not getting along. His owner was heartbroken to have to return him, and made the very difficult decision to bring him back to us to find him a more suitable home. He had invested alot of time training and bonding with Errol, and loved him very much.

Errol is a very sweet boy. He loves being around people, receiving and giving attention and affection. He loved to sit on the sofa with his owner, and would fall asleep there at night. He is house trained and knows the dog door. He also does well in a wire crate so he can see out. He has had some training, and attended obedience classes. The trainer thought Errol would do very well at agility training. He got along great with the other dogs his size in the class. He hadn’t quite mastered recall, so he was learning off leash training with an E Collar as they liked to take Errol to the beach, and were working on being able to let him off leash there. He walks great on the gentle leader type leash that slips over around his nose, as he will pull with just a standard collar.

Errol, just a normal GSP, has a very high prey drive. If he sees a rabbit or a gopher, he is on it! He would hover over any rabbit or gopher hole he found.

The perfect home for Errol would be with someone who would be able to give him plenty of daily exercise and continue with his training. A home with another large more calm and submissive dog would be a good match for Errol, as he gets overwhelmed by dogs who try to play the dominant role. He would also do very well as an only dog too. He would not do well in a home with cats. A home who will appreciate this wonderful guy and give him the attention and love he deserves.

If you are interested in learning more about Errol, please apply here.


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