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Meet Foster!

Foster is a stunning 9-year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. Everyone who meets him thinks he’s much younger! In his former home, he was a jogging and running partner, and it shows in his athletic and youthful look.  At 55 pounds, he is somewhat petite, but muscular. Foster, was unfortunately, given up when his family moved to a smaller home.  He was very unhappy when his lab sister passed away, and the family wasn’t able to get another dog to keep him company. With very busy lives, they weren’t around much for him either – so finding him a more suitable home seemed the best path for Foster.

We want to make sure Foster’s next home is his REAL forever home. He will be happiest with a lot of attention and another dog – or at least some play dates. He is a shy and gentle soul and can be reserved when he first meets someone. Get down on his level, though, and you are sure to get a little butt-wiggle. After a day or two in your home, he will be coming over for pets. A little more time, and he will be snuggling.  He loves his pets and once he gets to know you, he will be asking for them!

Another thing that makes Foster happy is WALKS!  He yips with excitement when you leave the house! He may be shy and reserved at other times, but on a leash, he’s a totally different dog! Confident and excited to GO, GO, GO!  He doesn’t mind a swim in the pool, either – but a pool won’t be required of his adopter. Foster does enjoy the outdoors and exploring. He has, on occasion, found a way to take himself for a walk. Although he doesn’t jump fences or dig under them, he will take the opportunity of an open latch or door to have a little walk-about. Being mindful of doors and having a clip on the gate is all it takes to keep him in, however.

If you are an active family, and have room in your home and your heart for this amazing guy, apply here to adopt Foster!

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