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Meet Freddy!

Freddy found himself at a local shelter. We believe Freddy may have had a pretty rough life prior to ending up in the shelter. He had callouses and a skin condition.  The vet felt the skin condition was caused by a wet and unclean environment, Freddy was a little fearful of some people as well.   We aren’t sure what his life looked like before the CA GSP Rescue, and we are hoping to find people that will show him the right way to treat such a sweet dog!

Freddy acts much younger than he looks! His cute gray face makes him look like a distinguished senior, but our vet and the shelter estimate him to be about 9 years old. If you go just by his activity level, you might even think he’s younger as he prances around the play yard with a big stick, or hunts the bushes and shadows on the fence. Freddy can be calm and sweet, too – which is the joy of having a mature dog. He’s an independent dog, too; seemingly used to entertaining himself. However, Freddy still enjoys pets and attention from his friends at the rescue. 

We aren’t sure that Freddy spent much time around other dogs in his previous home, as dogs that are very active sometimes bother him. With the more mature and well-behaved dogs around the Rescue, he’s been doing okay. He has also met the Rescue cat, and was a little too interested in her, so a no-cat home is going to be Freddy’s best choice.

Freddy may need a little guidance to become a real member of the family, but he’s already got some great traits. He’s a joy on a leash and is a calm and sweet dog. He has been enjoying the pool at the Rescue, so he will probably enjoy lakes or the beach with his new people. Freddy is a curious dog and with a gentle hand by his new people, will be able to learn house rules and that people are pretty okay.

If you have room in your home and your heart for Freddy, please apply here.



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