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Meet George!

George BioGeorge is a 3 year old male liver and white German Shorthaired Pointer. The brown on his coat is very light, a little different than the usual liver color, and is just beautiful.

When George’ owners realized that they were not able to give him the attention and exercise he needed, they reached out to us to find him a more fitting home that could fulfill the needs of this young GSP’s energy level.

George is well socialized, and gets along with all dogs, and would be a candidate for a multi dog home. He would not, however be a candidate to live in a home with a cat. He also loves being around people, and is well behaved, and is a very friendly boy. He is both house trained and crate trained. George loves to run and play, and his favorite toy is a tennis ball.  George is very smart and attentive, and has had some training. He knows “sit” and “shake”, but needs some work on walking on a leash as he pulls a little.

George will benefit in a home where he will get plenty of daily exercise and continued training, along with the attention and love he deserves in order to thrive in a forever home.

If you feel your active lifestyle would be a good fit for George, please apply here.

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