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Meet Ginger!

Ginger is a 1 1/2 year old beautiful female German Shorthaired Pointer.
Ginger was picked up as a stray, and taken to a shelter. We had been monitoring her to see if she would be adopted when she became available. Turns out she was adopted by a lovely family that had two dogs, a large dog, as well as an older, smaller dog. They were getting along great until one afternoon heading outside from a small doorway, and Ginger and the smaller dog bumped into each other. For the next several days, there was too much tension between Ginger and her smaller dog, that she felt it was best to return her.
We quickly sent our volunteer Lisa to pick her up and get her to safety.
We have learned that Ginger does not appear to get along with other dogs. She may have not been socialized properly. When Lisa brought her home to meet her dogs while waiting for her next transport to the rescue, she appeared to get along okay with her dogs, but there was an instance of growling, and Lisa was right there, and able to correct it immediately so that it did not escalate.
We feel that Ginger would do best in a home as an only dog, or with someone who can do slow introductions, and monitor the situation at all times. She was a little apprehensive at times with Lisa’s dogs, so they will need to be watched until she becomes comfortable. We are unsure of cats. She also walks well on a leash, and gets along great with all the human visitors.  She loves coming in for pets and affection. She seems to be house trained, but will need some reinforcement on potty training. 
Ginger is young, loves to run and play, and will need an active home that will give her plenty of exercise and training.
If you feel Ginger would be a good fit for you, please apply here.
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