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Meet Goliath!

Goliath BioGoliath is a black and white GSP who is about 5 or 6 years old. He walks nicely on a leash – always a bonus with a younger GSP! Goliath knows a couple of basic commands, but could benefit from some more training. ┬áHe has an unusual name, likely given due to his very large size. He is currently getting more exercise than he probably was at his former home, as well as a healthy and appropriate amount of food. We have already seen a difference in his weight. Best of all, we have seen that Goliath wants to play! He started out hanging around the field, but soon got into the group fetching the ball, and ran with the pack like he didn’t know how big he was!

This larger than average (but not for long!) GSP was quite a lucky boy. When picking up another GSP we were notified of, the shelter also alerted our volunteer to Goliath. Of course he was a GSP, and of course we would take him! Although his car ride to freedom may have been his first ride in a car, we think he can quickly get used to trips to the beach or park. He is food motivated and this should help with his training – although we recommend some lo-cal treats! While it is uncommon to see a GSP that is overweight – particularly a young one – it is something that can be corrected. To ensure that Goliath has many more comfortable and active years, his adopter will want to feed him a healthy and nutritious diet with NO table scraps! You will want to start with some shorter walks and increase distance and pace as his stamina is increased. In no time, you will find that Goliath is ready to run alongside a bicycle , fetch a frisbee at the beach, or hike a long trail – like any GSP his age. He might just be the perfect dog for someone wanting to work up to a vigorous exercise program themselves!

If you are are active, looking for a great companion, and feel Goliath would be a good fit for you, please apply here.

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