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Meet Gordy!

german shorthaired pointer GSP adopt California

Meet Gordy!  A 5 year old German Shorthaired Pointer that is good natured, well behaved, plays well in the field with other dogs, and is an excellent traveler. Gordy knows sit, but will benefit from daily exercise and training so he will thrive in his forever home.

This handsome boy is unusually mellow for a 5 year old GSP! He is confident in himself; happy at home alone or with his people.  More times than not, you’ll find him lounging where you last saw him.  A simple wag of a tail, indicates he’s happy to have you home.  Unlike most 5 year old GSP’s this mellow gentleman relishes the peace and quiet of your home, yard, or his personal space.  He’s a committed companion who will love you with all his heart, but hugs and kisses are not for him.

His strong prey drive will keep him busy pointing birds, chasing bunnies, and other small critters.  We have found that Gordy would do best as an only dog as his independent spirit may rub other dogs in the home the wrong way.  Fully housebroken and crate trained, he understands many commands and is eager to please for praise, a quick pat on the head, or maybe a treat…..hint, hint!  Don’t let his tough exterior fool you, just like some humans, it takes some time to gain his trust and love, but he will be totally devoted to his family. Gordy will do best in a quiet home where he can relax and enjoy his people.

Gordy arrived at the California GSP Rescue via Pilots N Paws from Northern California. Take a look at Gordy’s journey to rescue here!

If you are looking to add a dog like Gordy to your family, please apply here.

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