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Meet Gretta!

Gretta is an 8 month old female adorable liver and white ticked German Shorthaired Pointer. She is sweet and loving and very playful. She is house trained and crate trained. She has had training, and she knows “sit”, “down”, “come”, “drop it” and “leave it”. She is leash trained, and also recently learned “heel”. She has the foundation to walk well, but still needs a little work.

Gretta loves to run and play and chase balls. She has done well in the field playing with some of the dogs, but can get a bit bossy and dominant. She would do best either as an only dog, or with someone that is willing to work with her on slow introductions and supervision inside the home with another dog. Gretta would not do well in a home with a cat.

She lived in a home with a family with children, and did very well, however her exuberant puppy energy may be too much for a young toddler who just got on their feet, as she could accidentally knock them down if not supervised.

The perfect home for Gretta would be with someone who can give her plenty of daily exercise several times a day, and continued training to keep her in check. We have exercised her by running her alongside a bike on a tow leash and she did extremely well, and loves it! This is a great way to exercise a GSP! Gretta needs someone who can provide her with an abundance of love and structure so she can continue to be the best dog she can be!

If you feel you and your active lifestyle would be a good fit for Gretta, please apply here.

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