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Meet GSP Hershey!

GSP HersheyHershey is a beautiful six year old male GSP with the energy of a dog half his age and a BIG personality! He is good with other dogs, both big and small, and will play if the other dog wants to, but also seems to know boundaries and doesn’t “bug” those dogs that would rather just be companionable.

Hershey is a typical GSP; he likes to go on walks, hunt for critters and does best with plenty of daily exercise. He is very loving. He likes to snuggle and responds very well to praise. Hershey is very good while riding in the car and tells you when he needs to go outside. He can also shake hands like a gentleman!

Hershey will do best with an owner that will give him guidance and be his leader.  Hershey gets very excited about playing ball, but is also able to fetch with the crowd without getting possessive over his ball.  Hershey appears to have had some training in the past and knows “sit” and “shake” and “drop”. He will also sit for you before you throw the tennis ball – but don’t make him wait too long or he will “talk” to you!

He is house trained and asks to go outside when he has to potty.  Hershey is an amazingly smart boy who needs an owner would do best in a home without cats.

If you feel Hershey may be a good fit for you and your lifestyle, please apply here.


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