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Meet Honey!

Honey BioHoney is a beautiful 8 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. Honey is white with liver ticking and a liver head, and her fur is as soft as velvet.

Honey has been an outside dog most of her life. She was hunt trained, but hasn’t had much other training, so she doesn’t know many commands. She does however, walk great on a leash. We have also learned that Honey would not do well in a home with cats.

Honey would most likely do best as an only dog, however she has done well with mild mannered dogs in the field, but would need continued work and training.  She is crate trained, and even though she spent most of her time outside, we have been told she is house-trained as well.

Honey loves people, and thrives for the attention she receives.  She is just as sweet as can be, and her tail never stops wagging.

Honey may be 8, but she has plenty of GSP energy to burn, and will benefit in a home that will provide her with plenty of exercise and training so she will continue to thrive.

Fortunately for Honey, we were notified about her quickly as her owner had put her “free” on Craigslist. Thankfully one of our volunteers, John, was in the area and contacted the owner, and he agreed to relinquish her to us. Our volunteer also educated him on the dangers of putting a dog for free on Craigslist, and how it could have ended very tragically for Honey.

We are very thankful for Rhiannon for notifying us about Honey, and to volunteer John for picking her up and getting her to safety and one step closer to her forever home.

To learn more about Honey, please apply here.

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