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Meet Hylas!

Hylas is a 9 1/2 year old liver and white ticked male German Shorthaired Pointer. He is a big handsome boy who acts like a goofy puppy!

Hylas was surrendered to us by his owner who’s living arrangement changed, and there would no longer be a yard for him, nor would he be able to provide Hylas with enough exercise to keep him stimulated and happy.

Hylas can jump a 6ft fence, and would need to be in a home that would be able to manage this. He would definitely need a secure yard.

Some time ago, he was attacked by other dogs, so he is reactive and wary of other dogs. He has had some training to try and socialize with other dogs, but Hylas just prefers to be an only dog.
He is housebroken and has had some training. He knows sit and lay down, and is good on recall. He also knows how to use a doggy door. He loves people of all ages, and his favorite toy is a Kong chew toy.
This amazing boy needs a home. A home where he can get and give plenty of love and affection. A home with a secure yard, and where he can be an only dog in the home. He loves the company of people, and has some separation anxiety. Hylas would benefit and thrive in a home where someone works from home, and where Hylas can accompany you at work and on errands. He really is an awesome dog that just needs the right environment and the right person willing to make the commitment to be the difference for this boy, to give him a home, and help him thrive. If you are looking for an incredible companion to be by your side, Hylas just may be the dog for you!
If you feel that Hylas may be a good fit for your active lifestyle, please apply here.

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