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Meet Jager!

jager-banner-dsc_0355w8x6Jager is an extremely handsome 10-11 year old male liver and roan German Shorthaired Pointer. He was found as a stray and held at the shelter who attempted to reach his owners, but they never showed up for him. The shelter where he ended up estimated him to be 11, however, all of us here at the rescue feel he is probably more like 9 as he doesn’t act like a senior.

He is a big boy, about 85lbs with a great personality! He has done well with all of the dogs; boys, girls, big and small. He has tried to join in with the play as well, but pretty much just enjoys hanging out and cruising the field. He is very, very sweet and just loves any attention we give him.

Jager is very good on the leash. He does pretty good in a car but likes to ride shotgun. He also loves to “talk” now and again and we have noticed when he is in the training field he likes to give out a little “owww, woww, woww” to let you know he’s around.

He has some small bumps/lumps like so many GSPs get when they get older, but he also has a pretty big on on his lower side. Although it seemed quite “squishy” and moves easily, we took him to the vet to have it looked at, just in case. The vet confirmed it is just a fatty lump. He said if it ever grows large enough that it bothers him, it should probably be removed, but at this point it would be unnecessary “cosmetic” surgery.

Jager is ready for his forever home! If you have room in your home and your heart for a senior GSP, please apply here to meet Jager!

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