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Meet Jake!

Jake is a 6 year old very handsome male German Shorthaired Pointer. He came to us as an owner surrender when his owner was no longer able to give him the training and exercise he needs. 

Jake has been kept as an outdoor dog. If you know the breed, we call them “Velcro Dogs” because of their extreme desire to be near their people, so Jake will need to be housetrained and learn to live and experience the comforts of being indoors and as part of a family. 

He is a sweet guy, gets along well with other dogs, but would not be a candidate for a cat home. He loves to play fetch, and doesn’t know much of basic commands, so he will need someone to help him learn them. He walks pretty well on a leash, but at first is a little hyper, however he seems to calm down easily when worked with.

Jake will certainly benefit from a home with a family who will be able to give him the attention, stimulation and exercise he needs, along with basic training skills, and an abundance of love.

If you feel you are a good fit for Jake, please apply here

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