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Meet Jax!

Jax is a 5 year old stunning liver and white ticked male German Shorthaired Pointer. This boy is as sweet as he is handsome with eyes that will melt you, and a personality that will capture your heart. He enjoys the company of humans, and loves being around his people, getting attention and giving it back ten fold. 

Jax is house trained and crate trained. He knows a few commands such as “sit”, “lay down”, “wait”, “go to your bed/crate”. He does pull on a leash and is quite strong, so he will need some work walking on a leash. 

Jax does well with other dogs, and would do well in a multi dog home, however he would not do well in a home with cats, as he loves to chase them.  He is a snuggle bug, and he loves to cuddle up on the couch with his people. However, when not being a couch potato, Jax is a very energetic boy who loves to run, and will thrive in a home with an active person or family that will be able to work on his leash walking skills, along with continued training, and provide him with plenty of daily exercise. He is definitely a candidate to run alongside a bike with a tow leash, or pull you on a skateboard, and once he is trained to walk or run by your side rather than pull in front of you, he has the potential to make a great running companion.

Jax is very smart, and responds well to training. In fact, he was the dog chosen by the trainer out at our Pucker up For Pointers event to do a training demonstration, and he did great! Quite impressive indeed!

If you feel you are the right home for Jax, please apply here.

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