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Meet Jenny!

Jenny is a 9 year old beautiful adult female German Shorthaired Pointer. She has a mostly liver coat with some white ticking. 

This beauty came to us as an owner surrender. Her owners were moving out of state, and are not able to take her with them. She lived with them for 8 years. 

In getting to know Jenny, we have found that she is very sweet, and loves getting attention from people of all ages. She lived with another dog, but we don’t know how much socializing she did with other dogs outside of her home. She has done well with other dogs in the field. Didn’t really engage in play, but did enjoy a dip in the pool! 

Jenny lived mostly outdoors, and according to her owner, has had little or no training. We are told that she is house trained, but was kept in a crate when left alone in the house. They said Jenny’s favorite past time when outside was to hunt critters in the yard. She gets very excited when going for walks, and pulls a bit on the leash, but this is something that with practice and a little work, should improve in no time.

We are looking for a home for Jenny who will love her, and make her a treasured part of a family inside the home, as well as time outside in a secure yard for playtime and hunting critters during the day. With someone who will provide her with the exercise and training she needs. You know that 9 years old in GSP years is more like 3, and Jenny is no exception! She still has plenty of energy to burn! 

If you would like to consider adding Jenny to your family, please apply here.

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