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Meet Kaiser!

Kaiser is a 14 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. His owner contacted California GSP Rescue after taking a new job, and claiming he was unable to spend the amount of time with Kaiser as he needed. He felt a new home would be best for him. 

As we do with everyone who thinks they want to give up their dog, we tried to help his owner find a way to keep him. We let the owner know that at 14 years of age, Kaiser could likely spend much, if not all, of his remaining life with us and that we didn’t have interest or a waiting list for Senior GSP’s as we often have for the younger GSPs we rescue. Unfortunately, there was little that could be said to Kaiser’s owner – he had made up his mind.

Lucky for Kaiser, his foster dad realized his lack of energy might be something more than just old age and made arrangements to take Kaiser to our vet, Dr. Kang, for a check up. Initially, Dr Kang thought Kaiser looked to be in pretty good shape but recommended a senior blood panel. The results prompted a set of x-rays to be taken and immediate surgery.  Kaiser was severely anemic and internal bleeding was suspected.  Lucky for Kaiser, California GSP Rescue was here to take him and get him to Dr. Kang who was able to remove several growths and stop the bleeding. The surgery saved his life. Dr Kang thinks without the surgery, he would have only lived another week.

We aren’t sure Kaiser knows how lucky he is as he tries to get used to his new foster home. Kaiser is getting lots of attention and love from his foster family. He seems to do very well with the other dogs in the home, and is spending a lot of time napping and recovering from surgery; surgery can be quite hard on a 14 year old dog, but there was no choice in this case. 

At California GSP Rescue, we don’t refuse a dog because of its age or medical condition. In Kaiser’s case, it wasn’t known he was ill, but our very wonderful foster noticed he just wasn’t “right”. Fortunately for Kaiser, we know we can count on many wonderful supporters to help pay for his surgery – not caring for him was just not an option. 

If you would like to help with Kaiser’s vet bills, please, consider making a small donation below

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