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Meet Kizzy!

Kizzy is a beautiful 6 year old female liver German Shorthaired Pointer. 

She came into the rescue with another dog, when both were surrendered after some unfortunate circumstances. Their original owner had a stroke, and some kind people stepped in to care for them. Unfortunately a short time later, they had to move, and they were unable to take the dogs with them, and they reached out to us to help find both dogs a good home.

There wasn’t much information they could provide about Kizzy, as they only had her for about 3 months, but we have been told she is crate trained, but not house trained. However house training can be easily taught when introduced with patience and positive reinforcement, and we have plenty of training tools to help you.

She gets along with other dogs, but would not be a good candidate for a cat home. At six years old, Kizzy has plenty of energy, so a home where she will get plenty of love, attention, exercise and training is a must for this very sweet girl.  

If you feel your home and active lifestyle would be a good fit for Kizzy, please apply here.



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