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Meet Kobe!

Kobe banner DSC_0460w8x6Kobe is a sweet and smart 6 year old liver and white ticked German Shorthaired Pointer. He looks like a large purebred GSP, but his coat is slightly thicker and his tail a bit fuller so he is possibly mixed with another breed, such as a lab.

He is very well behaved and knows a lot of commands. He will come when you call, and sit.  He is also pretty good on a leash.

Kobe absolutely loves to play fetch, and will toss the ball to your feet to throw the ball again, and again, and again! Kobe also loves water, and from what we have witnessed, he could be a very good candidate as a dock diving dog! He is a ton of fun, and all of the volunteers at the rescue just loves this sweet, people-pleasing dog!

Kobe loves people, gets along with other dogs, and has proven he may even be able to reside in a cat home with proper introductions.

Kobe’s story: He was previously adopted by a college student who spent quite a bit of time with him. When he got a full time job and got married, Kobe’s world changed. His previous owner claimed that he had some separation anxiety, although we can’t definitively prove it, we believe the many changes in his household had a lot to do with him developing separation issues. His issues do not seem terribly severe. We do believe he will need a new owner that will be able to leave him alone gradually after he feels settled, and feel that he is certainly workable.  A secure yard is a must.

If you love a dog that plays fetch, loves water, and is just an all around sweet fun loving GSP, please apply here.

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