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Meet Lady Bird!

Lady Bird_dsc_0212_w64Lady Bird is  a 6-7 year old liver female GSP.  Lady Bird is as affectionate as a GSP can be, and probably is the reason they refer to the breed as “Velcro dogs”.

While in the field Lady Bird walks from person to person waiting for her pets in between hunting the field looking for bunnies and chasing the other dogs with balls.  She has quickly won the affection of all of the volunteers.

Lady Bird will need a family that likes an affectionate dog, is willing to give the exercise this active girl will need and would likely do best in a home without cats.

Excellent news! While the transport arrangements were being made, Lady Bird had been taken to the shelter’s Vet that expressed concern over the growths on her mammary glands and recommended she see a Vet when she arrived at her destination. Once she arrived, California GSP Rescue got Lady Bird to Dr Kang who removed several growths and had them biopsied.   We’re happy to report that the growths were benign and Lady Bird has recovered from her surgery!

Take a look at Lady Birds incredible journey to us!

If you are interested in meeting this lovely lady, please complete an application here.


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