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Meet Layla!

LaylaLayla is a 7 year old beautiful white and liver female German Shorthaired Pointer. She first came into the rescue with another dog, when both were surrendered after some unfortunate circumstances. Their original owner had a stroke, and some kind people stepped in to care for them. Unfortunately a short time later, they had to move, and they were unable to take the dogs with them. The reached out to California GSP Rescue for assistance. We assisted and found Layla a wonderful home a short time later. Unfortunately, the adopter recently passed away and Layla has found herself back at the rescue.

What We Know

When Layla was adopted, she spent nearly two weeks in a corner of the yard before she would approach her new adopter. We knew she was shy but had no idea how shy she was. Since she has been back, she prefers being in the crate (door always open) than laying on a dog bed. Although, a few times she has be found exploring her new surroundings.

She loves going on walks. It’s pretty amazing seeing her transform from the shy timid dog resting in the crate to a an excited dog that loves walks and any squirrels she might see! On her rural walks she has been good not showing any timidness as she encounters dogs, cars, or people.

She doesn’t mind other dogs and, while she hasn’t interacted other than with polite introductions (sniffing the other dog), she hasn’t had any issues regardless of the other dog’s energy level. When she was first adopted, she was a second dog and later became an only dog. We think she would be fine as an only dog or in a multi-dog household – providing the dogs all get along.

What We Knew

The following was from Layla’s original post.

There wasn’t much information they could provide about Layla, as they only had her for a about 3 months, but we have been told she is crate trained, but not house trained. However house training can be easily taught when introduced with patience and positive reinforcement, and we have plenty of training tools to help you. She gets along with other dogs, and has shown us she may even be a good candidate for a cat home.

Layla is very sweet, and loves getting attention from people. She is more on the mellow side, so would do well in a home where someone is looking for a more mellow GSP, but would also be able to provide her with daily activity such as walks, play time and training. Layla is somewhat shy and timid, so a gentle hand and plenty of love and patience is just what Layla needs. She has so much potential, and wants to please and be loved.

We don’t know how she is around children, so a home with older children would be best. A home with another dog would be nice for her to have a companion, but not necessary.

A note sent to us from Layla’s previous owner shortly after adopting her, pretty much sums it up. “Adopting a dog is like a box of chocolates, You are never quite certain what you have when you adopt them.  Almost always the rewards are better than you expect”.

If you feel Layla would be a good fit for you, please apply here.


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