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Meet Lily

Lily Senior GSP MixLily is a 10 year old female liver & white patched female GSP. Her family had gotten her when she was less than 1 year old and recently decided they had made a mistake. They didn’t have the time to give her. While they were able to manage her for almost ten years, they felt she would now do better with a family that would spend more time with her giving her the attention and exercise she required. 

While at work, the family kept Lily in a kennel in the backyard where she stayed each day waiting. When they came home, she was let out and would run the property line. Unfortunately, she found a way out of the one acre yard and continued to dig her way out when left unsupervised in the evenings.

Since we have had her, there haven’t been any attempts to escape. However, she is getting regular walks and spending time in the field with other dogs. Lily has gotten along well with all the dogs she has met in the field. While she hasn’t actively engaged others dogs to play yet, we suspect from her behaviors, she might any day.

Lily came from a home with another dog and cats. While we haven’t formerly cat tested her, she has done well around her foster family’s cat leading us to believe she would do well in a home with cats. Although, we would still recommend the initial encounters are supervised and done in a controlled environment.

The first night in her foster home, Lily spent the night in the crate. She did well. Lily hasn’t yet figured out the doggy door but we suspect she will soon. She approaches the opening, with the flap held up, with caution. Although she doesn’t know how to use the doggy door, she hasn’t had an accident. Now she spends her nights on a dog bed and waits to go out in the morning.

Lily knows “sit” and “wait”. She’s very responsive and, even though she appears timid, she is eager to please. She is currently learning “wait” and “do your business”.  This girl could possibly be taught several new commands as well as a few new tricks.

While Lily is active, she doesn’t appear to need a tremendous amount of exercise. A good brisk 20-30 minute walk seems to work magic on her. She is also being trained to run along side the bike but prefers to walk at a fast pace. The bike is such a great way to exercise dogs – even if they just prefer to walk quickly!

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