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Meet Lolli!

Lolli is a an 11 year old lovely senior female white and liver German Shorthaired Pointer.  Lolli is a sponge for affection and attention, and loves being with her people.

Lolli showed up at a remote shelter with a mass on her neck. It’s hard to imagine no one coming to the shelter to claim their senior German Shorthaired Pointer, but then again, the shelters are full of disposable pets, and Lolli was one of them. Thankfully we were notified, and able to get her to safety. Also, because of our supporters, we were able to provide her with the medical attention she needed to remove the mass, and she is now ready for her forever home!

Lolli lived in a home temporarily with another dog, but the other dog was ill, and it seemed that they were never able to get completely on track with each other, and they felt that it would be in the best interest of both dogs to find her another home, possibly as an only dog. Lolli did go to doggie day care, and did fine, but would get a little snappy around larger dogs, so if she was to go to a home with another dog, this would be something that would need to be managed and monitored. 

She is house trained and crate trained. She doesn’t get on the furniture. She is very sweet and such a pleaser. She has great recall around the house and listens to verbal cues pretty quickly. She loves going on hikes and walks, and walks on leash like a dream. She lives for love and walks. She is a known counter surfer (quite common with GSP’s), but has not been destructive in any way.

She’s great running alongside the bike with a Freedom Harness and a Walky Dog attached to the bike. She doesn’t pull or veer in any direction.

She knows Sit, Stay, Come (whistle), but needs some work with Down. She’s also learned to not bolt out doors prior to walks, and now waits until the words “let’s go” before heading out the door. She is very smart and a fast learner, and just needs someone to take the time to practice basic training skills with her. She enjoys the attention and the work, and with  just a little bit of time each day, it will make a huge difference for both Lolli and you!

Everyone falls in love with Lolli when they meet her because she adores people. She definitely wants to be by your side constantly. She loves snuggles and pets. She has the pointer shake down as well – her teeth chatter in the morning while waiting for breakfast.

The right home for Lolli would perhaps to be your one and only dog, with someone who is retired, or where Lolli could accompany you at work. She is at such a wonderful age for a GSP. A home where she could get out for daily walks and plenty of love would be the perfect forever home for Lolli.

If you feel you are the right home for Lolli, please apply here. 

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