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Meet Maggie!

Maggie is a 9 year old beautiful white and liver female German Shorthaired Pointer.

Not long ago we were notified about Maggie, who was found as a stray, and taken to a local shelter. Maggie’s owner was known, and when the shelter contacted them, they let the shelter know they wouldn’t be picking her up. We don’t know how someone could discard such an incredible dog, a member of their family, but thankfully she now has a second chance for a better life.

Maggie is a very sweet, easy going and affectionate adult GSP. She loves people, and her tail will always show you how excited she is to see you! Maggie knows some commands, loves to play ball, and it at that perfect age of an adult GSP with still enough energy to go for long walks, and then will calm down and relax by your side. She does well with other dogs, but is a bit protective of the ball, so this would need to be monitored as to not escalate during playtime.

When Maggie came into our program, she had a growth on her chest. We took her to our vet and he removed it. He said the growth was a pretty common tumor type.  We do not know if it will come back or not, but she would need to have it monitored by a vet to catch anything that might grow back in the early stages.
The perfect home for Maggie would be where she would get daily exercise, continue to work with her on the commands she already knows, and perhaps teach her some more! A home that will appreciate the beauty and love from this special girl, that will make her a treasured and cherished part of the family, and give her a lifetime of love.
If you feel you would be a good fit for Maggie, please apply here.


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