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Meet Max!

Max is a 3 year old white and liver male German Shorthaired Pointer.  He came to us at 44 pounds, but is gaining ground on reaching his ideal weight of 48 lbs. However, he is definitely a smaller GSP. 

Max was an owner surrender. The family that relinquished him to us had a 1 and 4 year old child and said Max was great with both. He was also good with other dogs and their cat. They only had him 2 months and gave him up because he marked in the house and, with two small children they didn’t have time to train. They initially said they “tried everything” to stop it, but in speaking with the mom he was allowed to roam the house (they had a dog door so thought that would be enough), they did not crate him when he wasn’t being watched, however he IS crate trained! They also didn’t go outside with him to praise his potty outside or let him know which part of the yard he should pee in. There were no bowel movements in the house or crate, no pee in the crate. Max was also neutered just before they gave him up to us, so this could have been part of the marking issue.

This family got Max from a friend of a friend who was getting rid of him because he failed his hunt training – we believe he is gun-shy, but has not been skittish with us. We have a train that goes by our kennel, and is loud, but he doesn’t seem upset by the noise. It is possible he was an outside dog at his first owners.

Max has been great with the other dogs in our play field. He occasionally gets a little too excited and wants to play, and some dogs will give him a little warning yip – he pays attention and moves on. He is also quite good on a leash! After being worn out a little, he is often found looking for pets and love and wants to snuggle. Max is an all around great easy going dog, and a pretty typical 3 year old GSP!

The perfect home for Max would be where he would get plenty of love, exercise and training. He is very responsive, making training easy. Living with another dog, and even a cat would be just fine with Max. He is ready for his forever home!

If you feel Max is a good fit for you, please apply here. 

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