Meet Mel!

Mel banner DSC_4771w8x6Mel is a 10 year old very handsome male German Shorthaired Pointer Mix. He came to us from a shelter where he was picked up as a stray. Mel has been in foster care, where we have been learning more about this sweet gentleman.

Mel is the sweetest old guy ever. He is a typical GSP “Velcro Dog”, who likes to follow you everywhere. We think he may be a bit hard of hearing, as he doesn’t respond to many commands. Mel loves to eat, and if you leave the refrigerator door open and turn your back, he will help himself! Mel appears to be house trained, and does know how to use the dog door, and will go out to go potty, but comes right back inside as he prefers to be indoors rather than outdoors.

Mel has a few fatty benign tumors which have all been checked by our vet, and that is all they are, so we decided to leave them be rather than put him through a surgery to remove them. He seems to have some arthritis, but he still gets around pretty good. We would recommend, however, a home without stairs for him to climb, as they would be a challenge for him.

Mel is a little sensitive to a touch without warning. He startles easily, so a slow approach from the front helps him to relax and enjoy his pets. Because of this, we would not recommend that he go to a home with young children.

Mel gets along fine with other dogs. He is just a sweet old guy. He would do well with someone who is home a lot, retired and/or works from home.  He likes to be close to you, on his bed on the floor. He likes to nap and watch TV, especially the Olympic swimmers and HGTV.  He enjoys a short walk about and does well on a leash.  To sum him up… He is just a very polite, well-mannered older gentleman who would like nothing more than to be a part of a forever family.

If you have room in your home and your heart for this sweet guy, please apply here.

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