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Meet Mickey!

Mickey Pointer Adopt RescueMeet Mickey!  Mickey is a 4 year old black and white pointer. He is of medium size and his incredibly sweet disposition is quickly turning him into a favorite at the Rescue! Mickey loves to be petted and is an affectionate and loving guy. He has been out in the play field with the “gang” and seems quite interested in the other dogs – often making sure he gets over to check out each one. However, this people centered guy will always come back to check in with the humans in the field. You will often find him trying to crawl into the lap of anyone sitting in a chair!

Mickey is spunky and excited, but also has that calmer and more adult demeanor that you wouldn’t expect from a dog this age. If you ask anyone with pointer or GSP experience, they will tell you this is a great age for this energetic breed! Perfectly happy hiking all day or running alongside you or your bicycle, but also perfectly happy taking a nap in the sun or snuggling up to watch a football game! Although Mickey doesn’t seem to have a lot of obedience training, he is very willing to please. Training an adult dog often yields much quicker results than with a puppy too!

Mickey came into the shelter as a stray with another pointer, Minnie. We aren’t sure if they were a pair, but it seems likely they are, and the two dogs do get along well. However, Minnie and Mickey are doing just fine on their own at the rescue and don’t seem dependent on each other at all, so they don’t need to be adopted together. Mickey is clearly confident and happy in most all situations! Mickey is a sweet, responsive, affectionate boy just waiting for his new home!

If you feel Mickey would be a good fit for your family, please apply here.


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