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Meet Mumford!

Mumford is an 11 year old very handsome and sweet male German Shorthaired Pointer.

Mumford’s story began in a local shelter where he had been relinquished by his owner with another dog after the owner was cited for not properly caring for his dogs. One can only imagine how the dogs must have looked when animal control arrived. One of the dogs was put to sleep almost immediately because of health issues. Mumford, while underweight and thin, was examined by a Vet and made available for adoption but at eleven years of age, few, if any visitors inquired about him. He sat in his kennel quietly wagging his tail as visitors walked by pausing at a dog that wasn’t a pitbull or chihuahua but quickly losing interest when they read his age on his kennel card.  However, when we were notified that he was still available, we wasted no time to send one of our volunteers to the shelter to pull him to safety.  You can read more of Mumford’s journey to rescue here.

Mumford has been cleared by our vet, and is now ready for his forever home! He is a very sweet and loving distinguished gentleman. A typical GSP with plenty of energy to burn even at 11 years young, still loves to play and is active.

We have found that he rides well in the car, loves going for daily walks and loves being with people. We are not sure if he is house trained. He seems to do fairly well with other dogs, but with slow and supervised introductions. We don’t think he was properly socialized with other dogs. A home with another older, more mellow dog would most likely be the right fit for Mumford, as the energy of a young dog might be too much for him.

Mumford hasn’t lived his best years yet. He deserves so much more, and is ready to spend the rest of his life as a loved and cherished member of a family. If you feel you could be the one to make a difference for Mumford, and give him the home he has longed for, please apply here. 


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