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Meet Nutmeg!

Nutmeg spunky meet GSP Rescue PointerNutmeg is a 5-1/2 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer. She has an amazingly soft coat and a cute heart-shaped patch on her back. She has clearly had some training; she knows “sit”, “Stay”, “come”, “leave it” and probably a little more. She is also great on a leash. After the initial excitement she settles in and, although she is out front hunting and exploring, she leaves a little slack in the leash. Anyone who has had a GSP drag them down the street can appreciate this quality! Nutmeg is crate trained as well, and prefers to hang out in her crate when you are gone. She also just loves to hunt the yard, so if you have some critters for her to control, she would appreciate that!

One of the requirements to adopting Nutmeg is to have heavy dog dishes – she will carry both her food and water dish to her bed if not! And though she hasn’t been seen counter-surfing, she will take dishes out of the sink! We think Miss Nutmeg just might prefer breakfast in bed. Another thing Nutmeg prefers is stuffed animals to play with. She seemed to get a little afraid of the ball being thrown, so her former family found that tossing a stuffed animal was better for her. She also plays with them by herself!

Nutmeg completely ignores other dogs on her walks (even those that aren’t behaving themselves).  She would be best as an only dog in the home. In her previous home, she was most comfortable and affectionate with the adults in the family. She followed Mom and Dad around as any true-velcro dog would. However, children seem to make her nervous and uncomfortable, especially when they are in her space, so an all-adult home would be the best choice for Nutmeg.

If you have some room in your home and hearts for a spunky, sweet adult dog – and maybe some stuffed animals and a heavy dog dish – then Nutmeg could be the dog for you!  Apply here.











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