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Meet Peet!

Peet is a 6 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. His coat is white with liver patches and he has the cutest white freckles on one of his ears. He is extremely sweet and affectionate with people, and gets along great with other dogs. 

Peet is at that perfect age with plenty of energy to burn. He loves to run and play, but doesn’t have the exuberance and craziness of a young puppy. He is smart and responds well. He pulls on a leash a bit, but is something that could be managed with some positive training. 

We don’t believe Peet is house trained, which if you saw his freedom walk video you will know why, so he will need some help with that. He loves to ride in the car, and will jump right in. He loves to ride shotgun or in your lap, but for safety reasons for both you and Peet, he will need to get used to riding in the back in a crate or tethered to keep him safe. 

He is a lovable guy with a big personality who would make a a great companion for someone who would appreciate all the wonderful qualities he has to offer. The perfect home for Peet would be where he can enjoy daily walks, a place to run and play, some training, and a lap to sit on. 

If you have room in your home and your heart for Peet, please apply here

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