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Meet Pops!

Pops is very distinguished-looking 10 years young, German Shorthaired Pointer.  He is as sweet as he is handsome. Good with kids, adults, grandpas, grandmas, you name it – Pops loves his people.  Pops is also good on a leash – a trait much coveted by anyone that’s had a GSP!

Pops was adopted from the CA GSP Rescue eight years ago. Unfortunately, his family has been unable to give him any attention lately, and he spent way too many days cooped up in a laundry room. They made the decision to give him up in hopes another family could give Pops the attention he deserves, and craves.

Pops, as with any dog, has a few challenges.  He wasn’t socialized with other dogs and isn’t fond of having them get near him – especially if they get in his face. We have seen that he is very responsive to direction from our volunteers, and we know with some training, he will do better.  He wouldn’t want to live with another dog, but certainly can walk around them and learn to ignore them. You really CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

With his people and in his home, Pops has no issues!  No separation anxiety,  no destruction, great on a leash – just an easy-going dog.

While we are always saddened to see a dog given up, it is especially heart-breaking to see a senior lose the family he’s had for so long. The CA GSP Rescue acts as a “safety net” to the dogs we adopt – asking that a family return them if they can’t keep them.  We know it is far safer for a dog Pops’ age to come to the Rescue than ago to a shelter.

It is so difficult to watch a dog like Pops wait for a new home – we know how much love he has left to give! If you have room in your heart and home for this special senior boy, we’d love to talk to you! To get started, please complete our Adoption Application!

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