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Meet Reddy!

UPDATE: Reddy is coming along very nicely and really getting over the shyness! She’s met a few families who ended up taking another dog, but all of them thought she was wonderful and sweet! She’s also been trying to play with other dogs!  Please read more about Reddy – a sweet, adoptable young dog!

Reddy is a beautiful and shy GSP mix. We believe she is between 3 and 4 years old. When this poor girl was found wandering alone in the desert, she was only 23 pounds, but is now a healthy 54 lbs.. Her rescuer spent some time with Reddy, and made sure she is house broken and fairly good on a leash, too.

Reddy was apparently abandoned in the desert by someone who was later charged with animal cruelty. She had a couple of broken ribs and some scars. By the time her Good Samaritan found her, she was just skin and bones, and very skittish and untrusting. She was afraid of loud noises and quick hand movements. Reddy was found just in time, and nursed back to health. She truly had a guardian angel that helped her find her way to safety and a better life.

In the time it took Reddy to heal and gain much-needed weight, she also learned to trust again and showed her very affectionate side towards the people who cared for her. She can still be shy with new people, but it is worth earning this sweet girl’s trust. Once she knows you, she will show you her playful side – grinning and showing her teeth when she wants to play. Reddy has learned to love playing with toys, too.

She has a little bit of training left, and will need a soft and understanding hand. Reddy will need a crate or restraint in the car and some time to learn that a car ride brings fun, not abandonment. Apparently, she can also jump – up on furniture, up on counters – so a little sense of humor will help too as she learns what house-manners are. She has been fairly good with well-mannered dogs, but will need the right doggy companion and a person that can guide her.   Calm and mellow people and calm and mellow dogs will be perfect for Reddy as she learns what it’s like to be a cherished member of a family.

If you have room in your heart and your home for Reddy, please apply here.

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