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Meet Rizo!

Rizo Pointer Meet GSP RescueRizo is a very pretty, rather petite, black and white German Shorthaired Pointer. We estimate her to be about 5 years old – with the energy of a dog much younger! Rizo has a friendly demeanor and is still quite playful. She will charm you by burying her face under your shoulder while you pet her and can sit on her hind legs to “beg” for a treat! Hopefully you will like to throw, because fetching is Rizo’s game! She will retrieve the ball and bring it back easily, over and over and over again!

Although Rizo seems to already know some great things, like sit, and she’s also good with recall, she is learning some new “tricks” from our volunteers. They are teaching her to run alongside a bicycle, which can be a great way to quickly exercise an energetic German Shorthair! Although she was a little hesitant at first, wondering what that squeaky two-wheeled machine was doing “running” alongside of her, our volunteer took it slowly and soon Rizo was trotting alongside the bike like a champ! Given how quickly Rizo picked up running with a bike, we think she’d be pretty easily trained to do a lot more!

Rizo is sweet and affectionate, but also an intense bird dog at heart. She does very well around other dogs although a lot of activity gets Rizo pretty excited and she soon resembles a 1 year old GSP in her energy and intensity! Rizo also shows this intensity around cats, so she will need a home free of felines.

Miss Rizo is crate trained and not too bad on a leash either. As most previous GSP families know, 5 is a great age for a German Shorthair!  Still full of energy, and a GSP of this age has the maturity and concentration to learn, with many, many years of active lifestyle left!

If you feel Rizo may be a good fit for your active family, please apply here.





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