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Meet Rocco!

Rocco is a 6 year old very handsome Treeing Walker Coonhound. He is smart, active, a friend to all, and he is looking for his forever home.

Sometimes we are asked for help to bring a dog into our program under certain circumstances, to help find them homes, and Rocco is one of the dogs we acquired recently. He was surrendered by his owners to another rescue as their living situation changed, and could no longer provide him with the care he needed.

Rocco was in foster care for a little while. Here are some notes about from a kind woman who fostered he and another dog for a short time.

“Having Rocco with us was easy and very enjoyable. He is very well behaved and how he acted in the car, in our house and in the backyard clearly indicates he came from a good home environment. He gets high marks on all accounts – no marking, no digging, no counter surfing. In fact, I purposely left a dog biscuit on the kitchen counter and he ignored it. He loves attention, but isn’t needy when we get back to getting work done.

Rocco loved being able to stretch his legs and run around the backyard. He and the other dog had a few bursts of high energy and zoomies but it only lasted a minute. He has a beautiful gait. He never combed the perimeter looking for a way out. When Rocco and the other dog would play together, the other dog was more assertive. He would jump up on Rocco who would always take the more submissive role.

It doesn’t appear that Rocco had much obedience training. He does know sit and shake but it seems he was never taught to lie down and stay. He doesn’t know heel while on the leash but he also doesn’t pull much and is fairly easy to walk.

Rocco loves to go on long walks and jogs. From what we experienced while in our care that he will make a great family dog”.

Rocco does pretty well with other large dogs, but not small dogs or cats. He is at that perfect age for a walking or running companion, to take on a hike, road trips, accompany you in dog friendly settings, and cozy up to you in front of the TV.

Rocco is ready and waiting for his forever home! If you have room in your life, your heart and your home for Rocco, please apply here.

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