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Meet Roger Dog!

Roger Dog dsc_3963 w64Roger Dog is a 10 month old GSP Mix and a very lucky dog. Rescued from a shelter after being hit by a car, his broken leg didn’t stop him from playing three legged. His personality and playful disposition wasn’t hindered by not being able to use all four limbs – which is apparent when you see him playing with other dogs in the field. Now that he is is on the mend, he is showing he is just one big puppy!

Like other dogs his age, he has a shorter attention span than the older GSP’s, but he is responsive and quick to learn. He’ll need someone that can help see he gets the continued exercise he needs along with the physical therapy he requires to build up the muscle in his leg.

Roger Dog can be seen in action in Roger Dog Plays

Roger Dog is ready to find his forever home! If you are interested in meeting this amazing dog, please submit an application from our website.


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