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Meet Rosco!

Rosco is an 11 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. Rosco found himself at a shelter, unsure of where his family was who never came to claim him. However, California GSP Rescue had their radar on him to make sure he was safe. Once his stray hold was up, and no one came to claim him, he was made available for adoption. When no one showed any interest in adopting him, we wasted no time to pick him up and get him to safety. While we aren’t sure how someone could let go of such an incredible dog, we are happy he is now safe with us, and one step closer to his forever home.

Rosco is as sweet as he is handsome and is good with people of all ages. He has done okay with older mild mannered dogs in the field. In his previous home, he lived with a cat, and did well.

He is very loving towards people, and loves to come up for attention and pets. He rides well in a car, and walks pretty good on a leash.  He loves to explore and come and say hello before lying down for a nap in the sunshine.

Rosco would make the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a GSP, but doesn’t want the crazy energy of a young GSP. Someone who wants a dog more on the mellow easy going side.  The perfect home for Rosco would be with an owner that is retired or works from home who would enjoy Rosco joining you on leisurely walks, accompany you on errands, camping trips, going to the beach, and to hang out with you watching television together.  These dogs are “Velcro” dogs, and love to be with their people, which also makes them excellent cuddle buddies!

If you feel you would be a good fit for Rosco, please apply here.


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