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Meet Rose!

RoseRose is a 6 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer.  This beautiful all liver girl came to California GSP Rescue after she was abandoned by her owner with a friend who was unable to care for her. She has a smaller build and her tail is intact. When she first arrived she was very timid and shy. While she quickly warmed up to people, she was still reserved for several days. However, now you’ll find her dancing and jumping around you to get attention. Oh, how she loves attention! Once you start petting her, you are likely to find she, like most GSPs, is velcro and isn’t likely to stray too far from you.

We know Rose lived most of her life in a multi-dog household, however, they were older less active dogs. We have found she seems to do better with the more mellower adult dogs and isn’t one to play with the more rambunctious younger dogs even though she doesn’t mind them in the field.

Rose is a possible candidate for someone with a cat although it would need to be the right environment as most GSP’s have a high prey drive. A cat that runs might be at risk.

If you are interested in meeting this petite GSP, and we’re sure you will, we encourage you to submit an adoption application, if you haven’t done so already. Someone is going to get an opportunity to adopt a sweet GSP and learn why rescue is best.

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