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Meet Rosie!

Rosie is a 6 year old beautiful liver and white roan female German Shorthaired Pointer. Found as a stray just a few miles from the shelter, no one came to claim her. Unbelievable this sweetheart of a girl wasn’t wanted. We suspect it may have had something to do with her mammary tumors and needing surgery. Fortunately, we were able to get her the surgery she needed. Rosie will need to be monitored in the future in the event any tumors return. Especially ones in her mammary tract.

Rosie is very mellow and has gotten along with all the dogs she has met. Even when she might not have been feeling her best and wearing a cone, she was patient with other dogs wanting to play. Cats are a different story! She has been very interested in cats. Both her foster homes have had cats and were able to manage Rosie in the house with the cats. Cat only spaces where dogs aren’t allowed would be a possible solution. While interested in cats, she hasn’t bothered the chickens!

Rosie is house trained and knows how to use the doggy door – even when she had a cone after her surgery she was able to manage getting in and out the doggy door! She is crate trained and, sometimes, prefers resting in her crate. At six years, she is starting to mellow and isn’t overly active. Walks well on a leash. Walks and hikes work well for getting her the exercise she needs.

Rosie loves her people and getting attention. She needs a forever home where she is part of the family. A perfect candidate to take on outings, she would love going with her family on long weekends camping in the mountains or at the beach (Rosie appears to like the water). She would also love hanging out & snuggling with you watching movies. She likes both action packed and romantic movies. In addition, when snuggling and given pets, will watch any broadcast sporting event on television.

If you are able to provide Rosie a forever home, please, take a minute and complete the adoption application or, if you have already submitted an application, reach out to your representative.

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