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Meet Scarlett!

Meet Scarlett! A sweet, petite 2 year old pointer mix. She is just as smart as they come, and knows many commands: Sit, stay, wait, lay down, crawl, turn around, “time to go potty”, load up, outside, and she is currently trying to perfect roll over! Scarlett is crate trained and house-broken and is a lovely passenger in the car. She will pull you a bit on your walk until you remind her to calm down (must be the pointer side of her!).
Scarlett is a bit hesitant around very young children, as her initial encounters with them were not so positive. She has met some youngsters while at the rescue, and behaved herself well – enjoying playing ball with them and some ear scratches. Still, we would prefer a family with older children that know how to treat a dog properly. And, speaking of ball, she’s a pro! She fetches the ball, brings it right back, and gives it to you to do it again. Scarlett doesn’t need as much exercise as a purebred GSP – and it’s easy to give her fetching and walking time to get out those two-year-old wiggles. 
Scarlett has enjoyed playing with many of the dogs at the rescue. She is pretty puppy-like in her play, so the older dogs sometimes don’t appreciate it, but the younger ones that like to chase have a great time with Scarlett! She doesn’t like other dogs in her food, but hey – neither do we!
Scarlett does have one issue to deal with, and that is allergies. We are currently in the process of finding out what Scarlett is allergic to, and working with a vet to try de-sensitizing shots. We are also looking at some inexpensive ways to control the itching when it bothers her. We are hoping what she’s allergic to is something that an adopter can eliminate from her environment (like a food for instance). If not, we will be relying on the expertise of our vet to help us find an effective way to manage the symptoms. She’s a sweetheart, affectionate, and fun! Please apply here to learn more about Miss Scarlett!
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