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Meet Schubert!

Schubert is an approximately 2 year old white and liver young male German Shorthaired Pointer.

He was adopted by a family from the shelter, but was returned to the shelter by his owners shortly after they adopted him, because he did not get along with their dog. When we were notified about him when he wasn’t adopted, we made arrangements to pick him up from the shelter, and got him to safety.

What we have learned about Schubert is that he is good with people, and rides well in a car. He appears to have had little or no training. We do not know if he is house trained, but it is highly unlikely, so he would need an experienced owner devoted to getting him the training he needs to help him with basic commands, potty training, house training, and leash walking with positive reinforcement, so he is able to be successful, and thrive in his environment. 

Schubert would do best in a home without young children. He should be an only dog, or go to an owner who is experienced and able to provide the training to properly socialize Schubert with other dogs with slow introductions.

This active boy has an abundance of GSP energy, and needs an active owner committed to giving him plenty of daily training and exercise. 

He is neutered, and up to date on vaccinations. He also has a tail. 

If you feel that your active lifestyle would be a good fit for Schubert, please apply here. 


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