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Meet Sir Duke!

Sir Duke BioSir Duke is a 15 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer who was picked up as a stray and taken to a local shelter. Fortunately one of our volunteers in the area was notified, and she went to check on this amazingly handsome gentleman. Of course, the rescue scooped him up; it didn’t matter to us whether he was 5 months, 5 years old, or 15 years old! Sir Duke is wonderful with other dogs, he is soft and gentle, and everyone that meets him comments on just how sweet he is.

Duke very quickly captured the attention of one of our previous adopters and volunteers, Vikki, who offered to foster him. First, though, we had to have a very large lump removed from his leg (perhaps the reason he wound up at the shelter in the first place). Thankfully, volunteer Cindy and her family who live much closer to Dr. Kang than Vikki, offered to take him for the surgery and keep him through his recovery. Her dogs immediately accepted Sir Duke into the pack, and Duke picked up the routine quite quickly! In addition to removing the lump, the other most important job with Sir Duke was to help him gain some weight. He definitely enjoys the home-cooked food added to his kibble, and thinks all the treats he gets are pretty great!

Shortly after surgery, Sir Duke was ready for his foster home, and foster GSP Sisters Sasha and Kasey (adopted together by Vikki a few years ago). Vikki is helping us learn a little more about Sir Duke. He is getting along very well with his foster sisters, as he has with every other dog he has met. Although he would prefer to be around his people, he has done okay when left alone. He loves his walks, and his treats, except blueberries; they may be good for him, but he refuses to try them! It is also possible he has a little bit of forgetfulness, as he is taking a little time to learn the house and the routine. Vikki is happy to lend a guiding hand now and again, and give this distinguished old gentleman the (foster) home he so deserves.

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