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Meet Stone!

Meet Stone! This 6 month old stunning black young German Shorthaired Pointer is available for adoption, and is hunting for an active home. Stone is young, energetic and needs an active family who is educated on the needs of a young GSP, and will start him off right by providing him with plenty of daily exercise and proper training. We cannot emphasize this enough.

Stone came in as part of a pack with his Mom and Dad. He is the son of Bodie that we recently posted on our website. Stone’s owners could no longer give him the care, exercise and training this young GSP needs. Stone lived outside day and night, so we are committed to making sure that Stone never sleeps outside again, but rather in a home as part of a family. As a result, he is not house trained or crate trained, but he is still very young, extremely smart and trainable, and will certainly benefit with having someone with experience training a young dog, using positive reinforcement, to be in his corner to help him thrive.

Stone loves people of all ages. He loved his previous owner’s 7 year old son. They used to play together all the time. He does well with other dogs, and loves to play with them. Stone is a very easy going guy, and is super sweet. He loves getting and giving attention.

As a young GSP, Stone did what most bored puppies do. Dig and chew because he wasn’t getting enough attention and exercise. He was only exercised 3 times a week which is not nearly enough. Young GSP’s at this age require an abundance of daily exercise and training, along with plenty of love, and to be a part of a family to thrive.

Stone comes when called, so he should be easily trained to work on recall to be able to enjoy time at the beach, and other off leash dog friendly places. He is a cutie pie, and still growing. He is neutered, micro-chipped, up to date on shots and ready to go to his forever home.

If you are able to give Stone an active life, meeting his needs with plenty of continued training, love and attention, please apply here. He will make some very lucky family an amazing companion.

If you are interested in adopting a young dog like Stone, we recommend a few visits to the rescue to educate yourselves about the breed, and interacting with the young dogs, walking them, and playing with them. At these visits, you will be able to speak with our volunteers who can answer any questions and address concerns you may have about a particular dog you are interested in. These visits are by appointment only after you have completed an application. Please ask your adoption counselor how to set up a visit!

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