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Meet Sydney!

Sydney DSC_0041w8x6Sydney is a beautiful 8 month old German Shorthaired Pointer Mix that loves playing with GSPs and other dogs. Although she might be a little intimidated at first by the larger dogs, it doesn’t take her long to get comfortable and play. She is being fostered with an older male and female GSP – while there wasn’t any issues with the male, initially she was a little dominate with the female GSP.

She also lives with a cat, and after the initial meeting where the cat hissed and took a swipe at her, she appears to be more afraid of the cat avoiding him at all costs. We would like to state that each cat will behave differently, and introductions should be done in a controlled environment.

Being young, she is mischievous as well as smart, and will get bored if not given enough exercise and stimulation. Her foster family has been working with her “sneaking” through gates and doors, but she is quite adept at knowing when to make a break for an open door.

As mentioned earlier, Sydney is exceptionally smart and has been quick to learn (like most GSPs). She’ll need someone that can give her plenty of attention and training over the next several months. You’ll be rewarded along the way with plenty of kisses from this sweet girl!

If you feel your active lifestyle would be a good fit for Sydney, please apply here.

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