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Meet Tigger!

Tigger is an incredibly handsome 6-7 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. His coat is liver and white ticked, and he is on the smaller side.

Tigger found himself at a shelter several times due to the fact that he can scale an 8 foot fence.  Yes, this boy is vertically unchallenged. The last time he wound up at the shelter, his owner decided not to come and get him.

Tigger is as sweet as they come. Loves people and has done well with other dogs in the field. We have observed him being interested in playing fetch, but doesn’t bring the ball back and just drops it, but we think he would learn it pretty quickly and love it.

The perfect home for Tigger would be with someone who can provide him with a very secure yard, and supervision when left outside alone. He is very smart, and needs training. He does pull on a leash quite a bit, so some daily leash training is a must. A perfect form of exercise for this boy would be to run alongside a bike with a tow leash or run with someone with experience to pull you on a skateboard. Always wear a helmet of course!

We are not sure if Tigger is house trained. He absolutely loves being around people, and is just a love bug.

If you feel you could provide Tigger with a safe and secure environment, maybe work from home or can take him to work with you, and provide him with plenty of exercise, please apply here.


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