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Meet Titan!

Titan is an almost 5 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer and Chocolate Lab Mix. He is mostly liver, but has some white on his chest area, and on his paws. His Father was a GSP, and his mother was a Chocolate Lab. He recently came into the rescue when his owners were losing their home, and they reached out to us to help find Titan a family who could provide him with the love and attention he deserves, and appreciate all of his wonderful qualities.

Titan is housetrained and crate trained. He knows how to use the dog door. He rides well in a car and is a good traveler. He gets along with other dogs, and lived with a female dog, and a cat. He loves to play fetch and knows a few commands including “sit”, “stay”, “shake” and “come”. He does pull on a leash, but mostly because he is excited, so he will need some work with his leash skills. He has used a gentle leader, but wasn’t too fond of it according to his previous owner, but with positive reinforcement with the correct harness or collar, he can become comfortable with the walks, and make it enjoyable for everyone. He loves to play, and like most GSP’s his age, he is like a big puppy. 

The perfect home for Titan would be a home with another dog for him to hang out with. A family that will provide him with plenty of exercise and continued training, and help him to walk better on a leash. He could benefit from losing some excess weight, so good food, daily walks or runs with him, or running him alongside a bike would be a great way to give him the exercise he needs to help him get shed a few pounds. 

Titan is a very sweet and loving boy who craves attention, and gets excited about everyone he meets. His tail is always wagging letting you know how happy he is to see you! 

If Titan sounds like he would be a good fit for your family, please apply here. 

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